Something New

Over the last couple of years I have found myself thinking (or others telling me to) that I should post about the things that I use, figure out, learn, work around, etc. at work. These things generally revolve around SharePoint, CRM, application administration, project management, and other Microsoft technologies. So, now, I’m finally taking that step.

The things that I come up to write about are often few and far between, but when one of those dry spells is over I often have a lot to write about. Hopefully this site will give me the opportunity to present information in a way that others find useful.

You see, so many of the blogs I find to help me do my day to day job are written by programmers or other very technical people. I, however, find myself falling in between an analyst and a programmer. These sites that I find are often way over my head or not relevant to the complexity of the problem that I am trying to solve.

So – there you have it! Let’s get going.

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