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Cannot Open SharePoint 2013 On-Prem Files with Office 2016?

Some users might experience problems opening or editing files from SharePoint 2013 on-prem from outside the domain/network when using Office 2016. Specifically, the user might have receive messages stating that the file is corrupt even though other users can open and edit the file. Users external to the SharePoint domain or network would generally be the reporters of

SharePoint Calculated Column as a Duration Counter in a List

I recently had a business request from one of my users to help tweak a Request Tracking List. The user essentially wanted to know count the number of days a request had been open, and once a request is complete the counter should stop. This is very useful information to track and is simple to accomplish with a

Learning SharePoint Again

I started this blog to post about things that I was using and learning at work, and at the time it was really focused on things in the Microsoft stack – SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, SQL, etc. However, I took a little detour a while back and left the Microsoft world for a little bit. I

People Search & Managed Metadata in SharePoint 2013

When you first set up your shiny new SharePoint 2013 you probably set up the managed metadata service. When you finally got around to look at it and configure some of it you may have noticed that you got a term set called People…you then probably got really excited when you realized that combined with User

SharePoint 2013 SP1 Pulled…so how do I trust Office 365?

It seems like Microsoft just had this same thing happen in August 2013, another in September. They’ve pulled SP1 for SharePoint 2013 on prem (I know I’m a little late…this post has been a draft for a while). My point is, though, it’s going to happen again. With that in the back of my mind,